Monday, December 17, 2007

til next year....

So sorry for the delay since my last post....lots going on with both us, and tons of preparation for the holidays and visits from friends and family....

I'll have much to share in the New Year when the planning will kick into high gear!

Love to you all and if I don't see you -- have a happy holiday season and cheers to an excellent New Year!


Monday, December 3, 2007

MTWP: Bridesmaid Meg

Meg K (aka "The Winker")
How exciting it was to gain a sister when Derek and Meg got married. Meg can always be counted on for her quick comebacks, surprise you with her sly wit and she'll charm you with her sweet southern draw. She is an amazing person with so much love to give it's practically bursting out of her.

She has recently taken up tennis, is from the great state of Alabama, met my brother at the University of Richmond where they both attended, has lived in South Africa, loves Sudoko, is a scrap booking queen, is an excellent chef, rode an elephant in Thailand, is an amazing singer (for real, not just when I annoy her into singing karaoke), likes to dance (especailly to Lily Allen, ahem) and is an extremely passionate person who loves to hear a funny story and meet new people....

Back in March of 2002 Meg herself was a beautiful bride. Wearing a lovely champagne colored strapless gown that seemed to glow in the late afternoon sun... Their
wedding was so much fun, it was held on a boat on the Potomac filled with their close family and friends, it was intimate and a love-filled occasion and I remember thinking to myself, I hope someday I can have a wedding like this...that thought set in motion changes in my life and their wedding was not only monumental in their own lives, but touched mine in a special way as well. I lucked out when Derek met Meg, not only did I get a new sister-in-law I gained a great friend!