Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Plain Printed Fun...

So it's almost time to get the "Save the Date" cards ready to be printed and sent out and I am getting really excited! I can't wait to see the design I've been working on and tweaking these past couple months printed and in in my hands ready to be addressed, stamped and posted! It will be a good feeling.

Just need to wrap up the hotel situation, booking blocks of rooms, etc so we can include that on the save the date....

It was a great holiday this past week and really enjoyed seeing the family, although we missed a few-- that will just make it that much more sweeter at Christmas!

I've been debating "releasing" some details on the blog as I want to keep some things a suRprise, but I hope to have some more fun tidbits coming your way! We're really getting into the honeymoon location now and have added some more locales to our list. I'll be posting a new poll very soon..... And of course, MTWP is in full effect......good stuff!

Hope your staying warm!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Dress!

The Dress has been picked and ordered from Adrienne's right on Orchard Street in our very own Lower East Side neighborhood! How very exciting!
What's neat is that a lot of the wedding details are coming from our very own neighborhood -- the engagement ring came from Doyle & Doyle on Orchard Street, the dress from Orchard Street as well...there's a chance we may use the Flower Girl which is also on Orchard it's really a nice touch and I'm pleased with how it's all working out! If you look closely on the picture in this post you may be able to see the dress.....ha! just kidding! ;)
Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Bryan C (a.k.a. Big Bry)
If you are lucky your best man is either a great friend or your
brother. Well I must be the luckiest groom-to-be around because Bryan is both. Bryan towers above his father and me. Like his Uncle Andy, his grandfather's brother, he owns most of the inches in the family. His height is not his only differentiating point. Bryan is an avid lacrosse player who could string up your stick in a matter of minutes. He has boundless energy, a quirky sense of humor, and is an aspiring creative writer. Bryan is currently a junior at Neumann College where he impresses the ladies with his belly rolling skills (ask him to show you during the reception). When not joking around or providing funny imitations, Bryan is interested in learning about family tradition. To all you seasoned wedding attendees out there, (yeah, I'm talking to you, the one who knows the origin of family members and friends nicknames) take Bryan aside and share your stories with him. He'll serve as an attentive and compassionate listener. After you've talked with him you'll realize why everyone finds him so likable.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Not sure if you re-call how I was obsessed with letterpress a few weeks ago...ha! Well, it hasn't stopped, in fact the obsession has grown.....As mentioned, I took the workshop and now have a sweet boxful of letterpressed cards and lined envelopes!

I finished lining the envelopes last night which they taught us how to do in the class as well (I choose a lovely red textured paper to contrast the black impression and white paper) and now have a lovely finished set of notecards that were made with my very own hands! super cool!

Thanks to Diana from MAKE workshop and Breck and Matt from Sesame Letterpress for making such a cool learning experience available to the public! It was so interesting and a lot of fun! I also met a girl who was getting married on 10.18.08 and in Long Island City -- funny, right? What a small world. We're planning a drive-by of each other's wedding spots since they're only a few blocks apart!

Anywho, here's the final product! I hope to write to you all in the next few months so you can get an up close look! Also, more pics can be found on my flickr page!