Thursday, September 18, 2008

1 month away!

In exactly one month, we'll all be together celebrating!!! I can't even explain how excited we are!

The RSVP'S are rolling in! And I'll tell you what - it's going to be quite a PARTY!!!

But we are still waiting on quite a few! So if you think of it, send it along! (And I've gotten some requests to keep the postcards, and I can certainly give them back once the affair is over with, but for now I would love to have them all back!!!)

Can't wait to see all your happy faces!
Many xxx's and ooo's!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MTWP: Chris Tanoff (aka Tanoff, Crit, Crit Dog, Casino)

Tanoff likes to keep things even. He doesn't let his emotions get the
better of him. He would have been a great big league pitcher. Too bad
he throws like a little girl. Actually he has good arm, especially
with a whiffle ball, and is athletic and competitive. He's also a dyed
in the wool Yankee fan. I've known Tanoff since the first week of
college and we've been great friends since. After graduation, we even
lived together for a while in NYC. That's where I learned that Tanoff
takes more showers in a day than most people take in a week. Oh, and
by the way, don't touch his hair. He expertly sculpts his follicles
and encases them in some form of lacquer.

Tanoff has an approachable demeanor and people trust his opinion. I
think it's because he is a straight-shooter with a good sense of
humor. And if you want someone to plan something for you, then Tanoff
is your man. He makes plans and sticks to them. I swear he even
planned the date of his son's birth. Tanoff's lucky number is 23. His
son, Christopher, was born on 3/12/08. If you add up 3 + 12 + 8, you
get 23. That's no accident my friends, especially if you ask Tanoff.
He'll tell you he made that baby on purpose.

Tanoff considers all the angles. That explains his skills at Black
Jack. If he wasn't working at AIG, I could see him dealing cards and
cracking wise at the high-rollers table. He'd be sending home the
players with their heads down and their hands in their pockets. If he
busts out a deck of cards at the wedding then watch out suckers. Last
thing, ask Tanoff how tall he is. He's 5'11 and a half, but always
says he is 6 feet. You know why? Because 6 is an even number.

the countdown begins....32 days!

Yay!!!! We are so excited!!!!!

We've been busy little bees getting everything finalized and all the details worked out...we've been on the hunt for out-of-the-ordinary ideas and really unique details that will make this day perfect!

....attached are some of our wedding day finds, as well as some "decoys" -- I can't give it all away!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cupcake Tasting!

Thought I'd post some images from our cupcake tasting a few weeks ago! Yummm!

We are happy to say we'll have SugarSweetSunshine cupcakes at the wedding!
Thanks to Peggy for meeting with us and letting us try all the delicious flavors!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MTWP: Brooke Tyson

Brooke and I met 6 years ago almost to the day when Gabe and I were at his parents house in LBI -- Brooke and Chris, her then fiance, came to visit for labor day -- I was super nervous as Gabe spoke so highly of both of them that I was nervous that if they didn't like me, Gabe and I were not to be. But low and behold - it was a great weekend, kites were flown, seafood was eaten and much wine was drunk. It was a perfect weekend - except for the rain.

A lot has changed since that weekend, Brooke and Chris are now happily married and parents of two of the cutest little boys - Chase, our ringbearer and their newest addition, Andrew and live on the left coast in sunny California.

One of my favorite memories with Brooke, was when we went to visit soon after they moved to Cali a few years ago and we decided to have our own little dance party while Gabe and Chris were smoking cigars on the patio - yep, we danced for a good solid hour at least and even made up our own signature dance "One leg up, One leg HIGHER" - If you're lucky maybe you'll get to see an encore performance of it at the wedding...Although, I think Gabe and Chris would like to put that memory behind them - they did not love our dance moves - I don't know why though.

I am so happy to have Brooke, she has great insight, is super-smart and offers really great advice, which I find priceless in a friend. You'll recognize Brooke right away with her stylish sensibility, her bright smile and her great personality. I believe she was once famously described as "a lovely pink horizon." Ask her about that story - it's a good one! ;)