Monday, September 17, 2007

Bride & Groom trivia

here's a little gabe and kate trivia FUN for ya'll*:

1. Where did gabe & kate meet?
2. Where did gabe and kate go on their first date?
3. What kind of pet do g&k have? What is it's name?
4. Where was g&k's first vacation to?
5. What did kate's dad say at first when gabe asked him to marry kate?

happy monday.

*that's for you meg!


Gabe said...

1. At a KISS concert
2. The Dewey Decimal System Annual Card Catalog-A-Thon
3. Giraffe. Necky.
4. Newark
5. Who are you again?

pattie said...

soooooo what are the right answers??? a giraffe?? coool - aren't your ceilings a tad low - poor guy has to walk around with it's neck folded in half - how rude!!!!

Favorite Cousin Renee said...

1. Restaurant in Skippack
2. Stucky probably took her to a Karate Expo
3. Kitty - no sure of the name
4. California or Puerto Rico (not sure which one was first)
5. Are you sure?

Meg said...

Glad you're showcasing the charming southern lingo you've picked up since I joined the family. Bless your heart for putting a shout-out to me on your wedding blog ;-).