Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Plain Printed Fun...

So it's almost time to get the "Save the Date" cards ready to be printed and sent out and I am getting really excited! I can't wait to see the design I've been working on and tweaking these past couple months printed and in in my hands ready to be addressed, stamped and posted! It will be a good feeling.

Just need to wrap up the hotel situation, booking blocks of rooms, etc so we can include that on the save the date....

It was a great holiday this past week and really enjoyed seeing the family, although we missed a few-- that will just make it that much more sweeter at Christmas!

I've been debating "releasing" some details on the blog as I want to keep some things a suRprise, but I hope to have some more fun tidbits coming your way! We're really getting into the honeymoon location now and have added some more locales to our list. I'll be posting a new poll very soon..... And of course, MTWP is in full effect......good stuff!

Hope your staying warm!

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