Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MTWP: Brooke Tyson

Brooke and I met 6 years ago almost to the day when Gabe and I were at his parents house in LBI -- Brooke and Chris, her then fiance, came to visit for labor day -- I was super nervous as Gabe spoke so highly of both of them that I was nervous that if they didn't like me, Gabe and I were not to be. But low and behold - it was a great weekend, kites were flown, seafood was eaten and much wine was drunk. It was a perfect weekend - except for the rain.

A lot has changed since that weekend, Brooke and Chris are now happily married and parents of two of the cutest little boys - Chase, our ringbearer and their newest addition, Andrew and live on the left coast in sunny California.

One of my favorite memories with Brooke, was when we went to visit soon after they moved to Cali a few years ago and we decided to have our own little dance party while Gabe and Chris were smoking cigars on the patio - yep, we danced for a good solid hour at least and even made up our own signature dance "One leg up, One leg HIGHER" - If you're lucky maybe you'll get to see an encore performance of it at the wedding...Although, I think Gabe and Chris would like to put that memory behind them - they did not love our dance moves - I don't know why though.

I am so happy to have Brooke, she has great insight, is super-smart and offers really great advice, which I find priceless in a friend. You'll recognize Brooke right away with her stylish sensibility, her bright smile and her great personality. I believe she was once famously described as "a lovely pink horizon." Ask her about that story - it's a good one! ;)

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