Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VENDOR REVIEWS: Hair & Make-up

So, I really lucked out with hair and make-up! I am not the kind of gal that does her hair and make-up every day, in fact some days, I may even leave the house with (gasp!) just some mascara and lip gloss on...So I was a bit nervous about finding the right person/people to do the job for my wedding day....I didn't want to look like a completely different person who Gabe might not recognize walking down the aisle.
Well, when Felicia brought up Beth Little, we sort of both looked at each other and weren't sure why we hadn't thought of it earlier...I wish Beth could have done everyone's makeup for the wedding (not that you all didn't look fabulous!) She just has a way of putting the perfect amount of gloss on your lips, sparkle on your lids and shimmer on your brow to not only make you look like a million bucks, but feel that way too. She was incredible, and super flexible in perfecting all the girls make-up. Thank you a ton Beth!
I was super lucky in the hair department as well, after speaking with my normal stylist who didn't seem that interested in working with me, I found Janessa from Soon Salon. I went in for my trial and LOVED it! She was great! She was so interested in not only making me happy, but making sure the hairstyle was perfect for my hair. She experimented and was super concentrated on getting it right! The day of, when I didn't have the pics from the trial with me, she remembered what we had done and even made it better than the trial! I couldn't have been more happy!! I loved my hair and was so sad to have to take it out!

So thank you to Beth and Janessa for making me and my special ladies look fabulous! Here are some shots (click for larger image) of the getting ready portion of the day.
(I'm not excited or anything).

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