Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Lily of the Valley
, Peonies and really any white flower are at the top of my list right now, but there are so many options!

I do know I want to incorporate a lot of green leaves and foliage if possible, which coincidentally is a symbol of "wedded love." how sweet.

are in-season during October and are the the "traditional autumn flower." But I think they're a tad to colorful.

According to the Wedding Gazette these types of flowers are easy to get all year long as well, so I will consider, (although not sure what some of these are) :

Baby's Breath, Bachelor's Buttons, Carnations, Gardenias, Gladiolus', Lily of the Valley, Orchids, Roses and Stephanotis.

And last but not least, call me crazy, but I like these paper flowers and think they would add a nice touch to certain areas in the Met Building....

Tissue Paper Flowers
Paper Poppy Pomanders


DK said...

I love the white flowers and contrast of the dark green leaves. It will look so beautiful. The tissue paper flowers are a great idea, although the other flowers are a totally different color shade - one is pastel, one is fall colors. But either way, extra color never hurts!!

katenyc2008 said...

I'd probably choose tissue paper that coincided with the wedding colors, but thanks for pointing out!

pattie said...

tissue paper flowers - does this mean we're all coming up early to make the flowers????

i love this site - thanks!!!!