Friday, October 5, 2007

It's a Good Thing

Well, I am excited to say, after all my babbling about invitations/letterpress, I have gone ahead and signed myself up for a class on how to actually produce letterpress stationary. I can't wait....This great little workshop MAKE gives classes in not only letterpress, but sewing, knitting, block printing...and lots of other fun stuff! It just happens to be in my 'hood too! How fun!

I'll definitely post my finished project! The class is given by the peeps over at Sesame Letterpress in Brooklyn, so I'll be traveling to their studio for a lecture on Oct 23 and then a four hour printing session on Nov 3! Where I'll have 25 notecards to show for my efforts! I am super-excited! (can you tell?)

Got the Fall Martha Stewart mag last week, and have been slowly going through it, loving all the ideas.....(i like to savor all the wonderful inspirations! )

A few of my favorites:
White Bouquets I love the "bohemian chic" one

Yummy Favors I have mine all picked out, although those will be a secret until the big day! And they're not cookies. don't worry, martha will be proud.

Citrus Centerpiece I absolutely LOVE the idea of a citrus centerpiece, although with the colors we choose, it might have to be limes instead of lemons...anyone have a lime tree?

Of note, I think I am becoming martha-obsessed, what do you think? Maybe I should do a poll...I've used her name 3 times already in this post alone....does that mean I'm obsessed? As Martha would say (and my Aunt Connie would agree) "it's a good thing."

Have a great weekend loved ones! xo

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Favorite Cousin Renee said...

I love the citrus center pieces...! You've got great taste!(Just don't let Gabe help with this or we'll end up with a karate trophy on every table!)