Monday, October 29, 2007


A new feature of the blog, debuting today is "Meet the Wedding Party" -- first up, my lovely little button of a friend and maid of honor:

Jenna D.
(aka The Hammer, Sheila)
The Hammer hands out high fives like it's her job—witness her recent enthusiastic TV appearance on the Food Network. Jenna is a renaissance woman who has traveled the world to learn about gastronomic delights. She went to Greece to make olive oil, upstate NY to grow biodynamic vegetables and make cheese, and she even cultivated a gummy worm farm in Iowa. OK, the last part is false, but the rest is true.

Now she is in PA making the sweet indulgence known as chocolate. On the side she's swinging on a trapeze and learning the violin. Not at the same time of course, but we wouldn't put it passed her. Jenna is the kind of girl who will wear a prom dress to a dive bar and eat her dinner out of coffee cup. You love her the minute you meet her! Just yell out The Hammer or her other nickname, Shelia, and she'll come running to throw you a hug.

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DK said...

What a great description of the wild girl from high school that always made me smile whenever I saw her - it appears she has refined the art of taking on the world and winning it over!! Jenna - looking forward to seeing you!!!!!!!