Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MTWP: Derek (a.ka. Deek)

I've heard people make fun of their brother-in-laws. I have to admit it's funny stuff. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law-to-be doesn't provide me with any material. We actually enjoy hanging out together. Derek is one of those guys who could be President. I'm not kidding. He's righteous, intelligent, charismatic, genuine, witty, and articulate. And he doesn't possess any of that political ambivalence or macho ego junk that other politicians seem to relish. He's even worked for a senator and still remains true to his beliefs. Having said all of this, I don't want you to get the impression that Derek is a straight-laced square. He can enjoy a good night out as much as the next guy, especially if the next guy drinks beer in bulk. Ask Derek about his affinity for large mugs of German lager and limoncello. His drinking skills are similar to the rest of his talents: impressive. I'm lucky to have him as a brother-in-law, friend, and groomsmen. Have I mentioned that Derek is currently in law school? Yeah, he's a driven individual who doesn't do anything half way. The one thing he doesn't do is give me what I need to make fun of him. Well, I guess nobody is perfect.


Derek said...

You're wrong, Gabe. I AM perfect damnit! And I have the imperfections to prove it!

A nice general burn about that beer gut on full display would suffice as evidence of my affinity for that sweet, hoppy, irresistible German nectar not to mention pretty much all things edible. (Did I really drink almost the entire bottle of Lemoncello??? I still owe you for that!)

Of course, Kate could point to... the time the time I claimed to have have helped pay for the Jetta she helped our parents buy (with significant moral support from yours truly).... or the time I dismantled her Barbies and buried them near a tree in our yard (I wonder if they're still there)... or that I somehow arranged to have sports injuries occur right around Christmas to maximize sympathy gifts... or even the time I got my arm stuck in a movie theater cup holder when dad took us to see the first Batman (nothing a bucket of soapy water couldn't fix)...

See how perfect I am.

Anonymous said...

derek drinks????? i'm shocked!!!!lemoncello even!!!! wow! he rocks!!! i love that stuff!!!! i'm learning so much about my relatives - i do have a wonderful family!!!!