Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MTWP: Kevin Dunn (Dice, Dunn)

An old joke from Andrew Dice Clay goes something like this, "Excuse me sir, is this the back of the line?" "No, it's the front. We're all standing freaking backwards."
responds and then he snaps open his lighter and ignites his cigarette. Those sharp (and censored for this publication) words are the type of response you can expect from Kevin Dunn. He's been known to channel The Dice Man from time to time and in fact his rugby nickname in college was Dice. Dunn has that sort of brash and blunt sense of humor that catches people off guard. You find yourself saying, Did he just say that? And then when you realize he did, you laugh until it hurts. Dunn doesn't pull any punches. He tells you what he thinks. Whether you agree with him or not is inconsequential. I've always admired his gusto and sometimes his acerbic observations are the slap in the face you need. And since Dunn tries to be brutally honest with people, I'm following suit with this write up.
Dunn can drink. I'm not talking about a few beers and shots. That's
for the tourists. Dunn puts booze away like a squirrel puts away nuts to get ready for a long winter. The distributors of Gran Mariner (one of his favorites) called him and said, "Please stop. We can't keep up." I once saw him drink Wild Turkey like it was coca-cola and then he chased it with more Wild Turkey. You get the idea. He likes to party, he likes the nightlife. We've known each other since college and shared a lot of good times. He is a lot of fun to be around and he wants everyone around him to have fun. Talk to him at the wedding. I'd be willing to bet you'll laugh. Of course, Dunn and I have had a few bad times together. Like the time I saw him with his shirt off. Not pretty. In fact, that inspired the following Dice joke just for him: What's the difference between Dunn's upper body and a sweater? That's what I say. What's the difference. Ohhhhh!

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