Friday, October 3, 2008

MTWP: Mike Vorrasi (Vorrasi, Verspuci)

In the song Maggie's Farm, Bob Dylan belted out Well, I try my best/To be just like I am/But everybody wants you/To be just like them. These lyrics are an accurate depiction of Mike Vorrasi. He is not one of the crowd. He's different. And he always views things from an unexpected angle. These are the traits that I like about him and why we've been friends for almost 15 years. Plus, it's a perfect way to be since he is a professional photographer. He's more interested in looking in than fitting in. The subjects of Vorrasi's photos range from rock bands to rocky terrains. He has the ability to capture the essence of these people and places and his stills are always engaging. Vorrasi does have his quirks. He has a strange fascination with Amanda Bynes' movies (I've never even seen an Amanda Bynes' film) and is prone to using sun tan lotion as a hair product. I've seen him dance in the middle of a crowded street. I've seen him strike up conversations with strangers. I've seen him drop his pants at parties, and it wasn't even that kind of party. Needless to say, Vorrasi is a source of entertainment. However, you're not laughing at him, well maybe sometimes, but you're laughing with him. He enjoys life. He likes to have fun. I don't see anything strange about that. So if you smell a guy who reeks like the beach and see him snapping photos, then you've stumbled upon Vorrasi. You'll have a great time talking with him. For a serious conversation, bring up his idol and the only other subject he likes to talk about as much as photography--Bob Dylan.

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